Thursday, 5 March 2009

Great minds think alike

Not too long ago, the Conservatives were a divided party, riven by disagreement and factions. Under David Cameron's leadership, however, they have found a new unity of mind and purpose - so much so, in fact, that on the matter of England's democratic deficit it seems that some Tory minds think completely and utterly alike. Just look, for example, at the similarity between the response of Shadow Justice Minister Dominic Grieve to a letter from the CEP's Gareth Young and the letter I received on the same day (3rd March) from my MP, Mike Penning (Conservative, Hemel Hempstead) in reply to an email from me.
And, even more amazingly, this article on the website conservativehome by Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczyinski contains a passage which is completely identical to one in the letters mentioned above ("I do agree with David Cameron on this issue. Ken Clarke’s proposals strike a balance between giving the English electorate the accountability they deserve, and preserving the UK as a single state.")
How refreshing to see such unity and togetherness amongst politicians. Looks like David Cameron really has put an end to 'Punch and Judy politics', at least within his own party.

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